PS5: Console boxes on sale for thousands of dollars!


According to Clubic, smart guys would have fun selling simple boxes of the PS5 console for thousands of dollars

While some have made good resolutions for 2021, others have given themselves missions. Like for example getting your hands on the famous PS5. Sony’s console, proving itself even rarer than gold, is truly the most coveted item of the past few weeks. This gives ideas to some smart kids who sell simple console boxes …

But the worst part about it is that it works. Since the item is very rare, some internet users do not read all of the descriptions when they see a console for sale on a site.

Sure, PS5s do sell for between $ 800 and $ 1,500, but sometimes simple boxes can be found at the same price as Clubic notes. A few weeks ago, some even put on sale a simple photo of Sony’s technological gem.

So you can imagine the dismay of customers when they see a shot of the long-awaited console arrive in the mailbox. Well if some thought that this movement was going to stop, they were totally wrong.

Since, as we let you know, little jokes would have found a new way to rip off PS5 applicants.


That’s why, it may be worth remembering. Before buying the Sony console on Ebay or Le Bon Coin at record prices, read its description carefully. Very often it can be a simple box or a photo.

It would be a shame to spend more than 600 euros for a box of a PS5 without the content … But faced with this situation, the sites in question have decided to take some measures.

Now, Ebay and Le Bon Coin will be hunting down false sales. As a result, ads selling single boxes are expected to be phased out within the next few days. Although the sites in question will reimburse those who have been duped, this is a great initiative.

It remains to be seen when, the real PS5, will be put back on sale by merchant sites.


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