PS5 Concept Combining PlayStation’s Past and Future


A new concept design has been prepared for the upcoming PlayStation 5. This concept design combines the past and future of PlayStation. Although the concept prepared does not reveal the final design of PlayStation 5, it offers a nice alternative for PS5 design.

In late 2020, both Microsoft and Sony will release the new game consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which gamers have been waiting for a long time. While we have learned the design and features of the Xbox Series X in the process, PlayStation 5 is still full of great mysteries. Gamers want to learn the design of PlayStation 5 especially.

We have talked about concept designs related to PlayStation 5 in many contents that we shared with you in the past periods. These concept designs were 3D models created as a result of leaks that usually occurred. Now, we will talk about a new PlayStation 5 concept, which combines the past and future of the console and puts one of the most likely designs.

Introducing the PlayStation 5 concept, which has two different colors
Sony recently introduced the DualS of PlayStation 5’s game handle to consumers. The designers also took action on DualSense and created two different designs for the PS5. The designs created are a combination of PlayStation 4 and DualSense design. Even the lights on DualSense have taken their place in the concept design created.

While Sony announced the PlayStation 5’s controller, it displayed a white model. This was not a color option that we were used to. Because the company designed the game consoles it launched in the last years, usually in black. However, many gamers think that PlayStation 5 will not only be white, but also a traditional black option. As such, the designers have not ignored the black color.

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Sony has given no other tip from DualSense regarding the PlayStation 5 design. So the design of PlayStation 5 is still full of big secrets. However, the concept designs created reveal both the dreams of the gamers and the approaches of the designers to this console. After all, the final word will be said by Sony itself, and the company will meet the ultimate design of PlayStation 5 with consumers sooner or later.


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