PS5 coil whine gamers complain about console noise


PlayStation 5 met with the players last week after a long wait. It was said that the console works quieter than PS4 and that it will come with effective solutions for cooling. However, some PS5 users reported crackling noises from their devices and posted videos on YouTube showing the problem. Although there are different opinions about what causes the sound, there is no clear determination yet.

While some claimed that the mysterious sound coming from PlayStation 5 consoles was coil noise , another cut suggested the problem was caused by the disc drive. However, it was confirmed that the problem was not caused by the disc drive, as PS5 Digital Edition owners also stated that a similar scratchy sound was coming from their consoles.

Sizzling sounds from PS5 consoles

Reddit user AmbassadorJust1200 said that the PS5 console made a scratchy sound even though it was working. Another user revealed that the same problem was with his Digital Edition model and the sound became even more pronounced when playing Astro’s Playroom. Another user on the separate ResetEra said that the sound is similar to the PS4 Pro’s coil noise and is mostly heard while gaming.

ResetEra user Psychotron explained his experience in more detail:

I start God of War and hear an increase in the volume range and level. There is a small difference, if not much. Then I decided to use a real PS5 game (Astro’s Playroom) to test it. When I get to the part where you slide the touchpad in Astro, the system noise gets louder. I could hear a continuous “bzzzzzzzzzzz” sound coming from the PS5. It sounded just like the coil sound on the PS4 Pro, only louder. I went to the home screen and the noise stopped immediately. When I got back to the game, the sound started to come back again.

The scratchy sound issue is not seen on all PS5 consoles. However, there is ample evidence from users who complain. We will inform you when more information becomes available. Sony should address this issue as soon as possible. The next-generation console will be released in other regions on November 19, and chronic problems may compromise sales. Finally, let’s share one more example for the mysterious sound from the console:

PlayStation 5 , globally, including Turkey on November 19 to complete the second step rollout. The new generation console will come to our country with a disc drive model and will be sold for 8.299 TL . The Digital Edition model, which will come out at a more affordable price, will arrive in 2021. Are you considering buying a PS5? Will the popping problem affect your console purchase decision? You can share your comments with us.


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