PS5: Check the performance of more than 570 games


A website created by different users catalogs, game by game, the performance and possible improvements of more than half a thousand PS4 titles.

The backward compatibility of PS5 is one of the great bastions of the new generation of Sony consoles. Unlike PS4 compared to PS3, the company’s current domestic platform is backward compatible with 99% of PlayStation 4 games; some of them with improvements. It is difficult to know what improvements – if any – and what performance each title has, but a website, Backwards Compatible, helps us know it game by game.

Over 570 Games Tested – How Does Each Game Improve On PS5?

We have heard many times what improvements some of the backward compatible titles of PlayStation 4 present on PS5. Portals such as ResetERA have a very complete thread where, after empirically testing each video game, they update the list of works with benefits through the new hardware. This new website made by fans is even better, more orderly and with greater navigation facilities.

PS5 Backward Compatibility

For example, if we click on the God of War (2018) tab, we see if the game has HDR; what resolution formats it offers on PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5; if it has supersampling … even if it supports virtual reality. Another detail to consider is that it indicates which games have benefits and what not depending on the version. We already saw it with works like The Last Guardian, which only reach 60 FPS when we play the disk version, 1.0, without downloading patches through.

In short, a recommended database for any user, compatible from web and mobile browsers. Helpful and made for non-profit purposes.

PS5 has stock issues worldwide

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have been available on the market since last November, but their stock is extremely limited. At the moment, the console is sold out in all of Spain, but from MeriStation we have prepared this article where we inform you about any news regarding the supply of the machine in any of the main stores in the country. Also, we have this one where we explain how to reserve PS5 and some useful tips for your reservation as soon as there is availability.


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