PS5 cases stop after “Sony legal action”


The sale of alternative cases for PlayStation 5 by an external company stopped for infringement of intellectual property.

An online project was recently launched that aimed to offer interchangeable and custom cases for PS5 by a company outside of Sony, all after confirming that both side panels of the console were completely removable. After several weeks, its managers have been forced to stop their business after “Sony’s legal action”, which has determined that it is an infringement of intellectual property, so they have already begun to return the amount of the reservations.

“PlateStation 5” did not sit well with Sony

And the action was intended to offer PlayStation 5 users the possibility of acquiring cases for their unofficial console with totally original colors or patterns, all under the brand name “PlateStation 5”, a name that has not sat very well with the multinational Sony and that, following the recommendation of its lawyers, have forced said business to close due to greater legal problems.

According to those responsible for these interchangeable cases for PS5, “a day after publishing the page, Sony’s lawyers requested a name change for infringing the trademark. We believed that this change would be enough to reassure both parties, and we honestly expected that, because we were already in the production process ”.

“Shortly after, Sony’s lawyers assured us that the intellectual property also extended to the cases and that if we continued to sell and distribute them in any country, we would end up in court,” say the creators of this failed business. However, it seems that Sony does not have in mind to let third companies profit economically from a modular system that they could well exploit in the future and that, however, is based on its own design protected by intellectual property.

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