PS5: “Can’t Drive This” will be available on the console!


To the delight of fans of “sofa games”, the very popular “Can’t Drive This” is coming to PS4, but also to PS5!

Available for purchase since November 19, 2020, the PS5 currently only offers a fairly small range of games. But to everyone’s surprise, the popular Can’t Drive This is coming to the next gen ’console!

For long months, Sony fueled the myth around its new console. The very famous Japanese manufacturer has kept the mystery in order to arouse envy.

As soon as it was released, the PS5 drew crowds. Players have flocked to stores – online too – to get one. You might as well say that the fight was fierce.

A few lucky few have thus obtained The Grail, leaving a good part of the potential players empty-handed. And they will have to be patient.

No replenishment is expected until the second half of the year. Yes… But rest assured, this announcement concerns both PS5 players and PS4 players.

You will no doubt understand, Can’t Drive This is entering the catalog of games offered by Sony. Yes, you did hear it.

It was the Pixel Maniacs development studio that recently announced the good news on its official website. And she seems to make a lot of people happy!

PS5: the video game “Can’t Drive This” available in March on the console!


As you probably know, the PS5 currently only offers a fairly small range of games. Among the bestsellers, we find unsurprisingly the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man: A Thousand Morals, but also Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, or the very good Demon’s Souls.

Even if these games seem for the moment to satisfy the chosen few who own the new console, the catalog of the latter lacks “sofa games”.

It must be said that the good ones are very rare now. Finally … There is still one that promises nice slices of fun with friends. And even with the family!

You guessed it, so this is the popular Can’t Drive This. At the same time, it was mentioned just before. So how can we not guess?

Produced by Pixel Maniacs, the racing game is therefore about to enter the catalog of the PS5, but also that of the PS4. Something to make the players happy!

They will be able to participate in frenzied races, but above all very crazy. Indeed, one of the players has to drive, while the other builds the road.

Yes, that is indeed the heart of the gameplay in Can’t Drive This. And that’s really, really funny! The most coordinated can still work miracles.

So, to your shuttlecocks and your hammers!


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