PS5: cannot install games on external storage


As reported by the PS5 analysis by the vg247 team, it will not be possible to install new generation games in external storage, with USB devices not even listing the next-gen games that are in the console’s internal memory. Thus, the transfer of software data will be possible only for PS4 titles, since they will be backwards compatible with Sony’s new video game.

The PlayStation 5 interface allows you to transfer only PlayStation 4 game data to external storage, which can be played at will even if they are not installed in the PS5’s memory. However, unlike the Xbox Series S / X system, which will allow, from the first day, to load games between internal and external devices – with some cases of loss of performance – the PlayStation 5 will be limited to native titles only.

Fortunately, everything indicates that the storage of next generation games has already been studied by Sony, which seeks to find a solution to circumvent the memory available at the launch of the PS5. “Alternatives to enable players to store (but not play) PS5 games on a USB disk are on their way in a future update,” commented the company, through its official FAQ.

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