PS5: Bloodborne runs at 30 fps; Sekiro reach 60 fps


Souls franchise modder and enthusiast, Lance McDonald, shared on his Twitter profile interesting news about the PS5, now involving From Software’s gaming performance on Sony’s new generation. The information, disheartening to many fans, points out that Bloodborne will not run at 60 fps in its backwards compatible version, staying at the standard PS4 frame rate.

According to the analyst, Bloodborne will have no performance improvements on the PlayStation 5 and, unlike games like Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, will lock at the original 30 fps of the game. In the meantime, your compatriots will be able to achieve rates of constant 60 fps in their backward compatible versions on PS5 suggesting a significant optimization in the new formats.

As for the Series S / X, the modder did not comment on Sekiro’s performance – which is also expected to lock at 60 fps on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles – but Dark Souls 3 will run at a constant 30 fps.

“Okay, the embargo is over and I can talk about the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5 now. All I have to say is that Sekiro is at 60 fps, Dark Souks at 60 fps (it’s locked at 30 on Xbox Series X) and Bloodborne it’s still at 30 fps with a bad frame rate. ”

So far, nothing has been reported about free upgrades from Sekiro or Dark Souls 3 for the new generation. As for Bloodborne, rumors indicate that the game is about to win a remastered version for PC and PS5, but Sony has not confirmed the rumors.

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