PS5 beat sales of PS Vita, Wii U and Dreamcast in the UK


PS5 hit the UK market in November last year and has already outpaced sales of the PS Vita, which is at the end of its life cycle. The new generation console also beat sales of the Nintendo Wii U and Sega Dreamcast in the region.

The information was revealed by journalist Christopher Dring of in a post on Twitter. While we do not yet have exact figures, the information is reliable, as the specialist constantly publishes data from market consultancy GfK, which tracks console sales in the UK.

While we still don’t have total PS5 sales figures in the UK, Gfk previously reported that around 200,000 consoles were sold in the UK in February, and the PS5 was highlighted at the time for receiving new inventory in stores.

Low stock, high price

Since last year, the console market has been suffering from manufacturing and distribution problems globally. The low inventories are to blame for the pandemic, which is hampering the production of chips from AMD, responsible for the PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S hardware.

Inventory problems are also present in the Brazilian market, which made consoles disappear from some official stores. While the Xbox Series and S can still be found easily at their suggested price of $ 2,799, the PS5 and Xbox Series X appear more often at retailers, who end up increasing the price of devices.

The PlayStation 5 was launched in Brazil in November last year with a suggested price of R $ 4,599. Sony also brought to our country the PS5 Digital Edition, which does not have a disc player and costs R $ 4,199. Currently, however, the value of consoles is up to twice as high on sites like Mercado Livre.

In addition to affecting the console market, the lack of chips also hurt video cards, which are an essential component for those who play on the PC. The scarcity caused the price of parts to skyrocket globally, which is making life difficult for those who intend to upgrade the computer.


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