PS5: Any major concerns about the console controller?


According to our colleagues at Booska-P, new concerns have been encountered with the DualSense controller of the Sony PS5

Since November 19, gamers have been looking for a treasure. The treasure in question being none other than the famous PS5, out of stock everywhere. But while some do manage to get their hands on it, they are sometimes disappointed with the controller. Explanations.

Indeed, with the disaster launch that Sony, the players have something to be irritated. The shortage does not seem to be over, and getting a console into the basket can sometimes be quite a feat. Even if some succeed, once the console is received, they then face a new problem.

Because yes, you thought you had done the hard part by getting a PS5? This was without taking into account the worries that the DualSense sometimes offers. According to our colleagues at Booska-P, the new controller may be very beautiful, it is nonetheless defective.

Starting with its coating. The grip on the back of the handles would wear out very quickly. The famous Playstation symbols would disappear over time and hamper the grip. But if that was all …

Because according to our colleagues, another big problem would appear with the DualSense. A problem reminiscent of the Joy-Con of the Switch. Namely, a drift problem. But what is it really about?

PS5 players have probably already encountered this concern that we are talking about. Drift is the movement of cameras during a game without us touching our triggers. Sometimes making our character move forward all alone when we didn’t ask him anything …


It’s all well and good to design a controller with revolutionary triggers and vibrations. Still, the DualSense would have to give a perfect rendering and not bug. Which therefore does not seem to be the case for several days.

Indeed, many PS5 players have raised the problem on various forums. The problem in question sometimes appeared from the first minutes spent on our new console. But how to overcome this concern?

According to Booska-P, Sony has already given some solutions. If you are one of the unfortunate DualSense owners with drifting concerns, you can contact the manufacturer. In other words, returning your controller to get a new one.

In this case, the shipping costs would be at your expense. Even so, it might make more sense to pay a few dollars for shipping costs rather than buying back a controller that costs 70 dollars. Those who are too lazy to fire her may also be patient.

Also according to the media, an update should appear in the coming weeks. This is intended to correct the problems of the controller. It remains to be seen whether it will make its appearance in a few weeks, or in a few months.

In any case, Sony disappoints even more with this story. Already the PS5 remains almost impossible to find, if its DualSense also disappoints, not sure that gamers praise the Japanese company.


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