PS5 and Xbox Series X will appear in our room


A recreation of images, which has taken as reference the official measurements provided by Sony and Microsoft, allows us to see how they will look at home.

PS5 and Xbox Series will hit stores around the world with their different models this November. One more element for our living room that, this time more than ever, will occupy a space that is perfectly visible due to the size of its chassis in both the Sony and Microsoft solutions. A recreation by Tokyo artist Kei Sawada lets us see clearly how a PS5 or Xbox Series X will look in a piece of furniture sharing space with other household items, such as a television.

It’s time to make room: PS5 and Xbox Series X are big

Sawada, a character design professional in the art industry, has taken the official dimensions provided by Sony and Microsoft for PS5, Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S model (the smallest console in the world to scale the models of all consoles). Xbox history; final dimensions here).

The first image is very representative: PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will be very tall consoles with the base. The 39 centimeters high will be very noticeable if we take as a reference a 30-inch diagonal television (example used in recreation); or with a Nintendo Switch, whose dock is really easy to hide if we put it in profile.

In case of knocking down the PS5, we must bear in mind that we will need a piece of furniture with at least 39 centimeters of free space wide. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be less bulky vertically; in the case of the first one, it will have an appearance similar to that of a computer tower, with the exception that its 30 centimeters high are much less than those of a conventional tower. Xbox Series S is the one that comes out the best because of its 27 centimeters high vertically and only 6.5 centimeters thick.

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