PS5 and Xbox Series X: SSDs are “awesome”!


The hard drives of the new generation of consoles will accelerate the loading speed, among other advantages. Many have been the developers who have praised the technology of the SSD hard drives that will incorporate both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Johan Conradie, technical director of the recent remake of Destroy All Humans !, has expressed in an interview with Gaming Bolt that the speed of these pieces of hardware will unleash “fantastic” improvements. The creative has not hesitated to call it a “revolution”, while comparing the specifications of both platforms, scheduled for the end of the year (Microsoft’s already has a date, November 2020).

“Having this level of IO performance is a fantastic upgrade [to the hardware] that we’ve had to work with to date,” Conradie begins in the interview. “It will be a revolution for next-gen games, where loading times will be minimized or eliminated. Even the lower IO performance of Xbox Series X is a fantastic improvement, ”he argues.

What about CPU optimization?

Although the PlayStation 5 hard drive is superior to the Xbox Series X, the opposite is true of the processor. They both mount a custom version of the AMD Zen 2 CPUs, but the Redmond machine has higher bandwidth. According to Conradie, Sony’s system will be used as a reference platform when optimizing video games for the processing power of consoles. The creative director justifies it by alluding to the need for the “final performance” of the games to be the same on both consoles.

Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will go on sale at the end of 2021. At the moment, Sony has not revealed the specific launch date, something that Microsoft has done, as we have indicated a few lines above. What is still a well-kept mystery is the price of the devices, which after a few months of commercialization, has not yet been made public.

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