PS5 and Xbox Series X: Do you have space to place them?

The size of the new generation machines does matter, which is why the furniture store has ensured that the customer can measure space accurately.

Since the announcement of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, one of the concerns of gamers has been the space they occupy, especially the Sony machine. Sometimes it is not enough to retire one of the old consoles, and if you decide to get both, we can talk about possible major problems: that you are not able to fit them into the furniture. However, Ikea has thought about this possible setback and has manufactured a cardboard replica of both consoles. The objective? That the client knows at all times whether or not it fits in the new furniture.

It has been through social networks where the image has been leaked, which shows the cardboard reproductions of the two consoles on a piece of furniture. In addition to the shape being unambiguous, the measurements and a mocking message appear. “What space unit from Ikea will allow me to put my new and bulky console that is also meme meat?” Without a doubt, not all spaces are compatible with the gigantic structures that they will have to support. It only remains to choose wisely, although right now there is no stock in any store.

Xbox Series S stock only

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X went on sale at the end of 2020, a date planned well in advance, something that has not prevented production problems due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those interested in the new consoles have had to reserve it, something that given the shortage of units has been quite a journey. There is currently no word on when they will be available again.

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Although there are no Xbox Series X units, those who prefer the cheapest model can still get it, since the main online stores in Spain have some Xbox Series S units. This machine also does not have the size problem of the The rest, which is why there is no cardboard reproduction of Ikea, or at least it has not come to light. For everything else, better to be cautious.



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