PS5 And DualSense Get New Colors, Arriving In January 2022


PS5: PlayStation announced this Monday (13) that it will release three new versions of DualSense: Nova Pink (Pink), Starlight Blue (Light Blue) and Galactic Purple (Purple). The new controls join Midnight Black (Black), White (White) and Cosmic Red (Red).

Accessories pre-sales have already started in regions such as the United States. The products are priced at US$ 74.99 (about R$ 420 at current prices) at the electronics brand’s official store. The promise is that the products will start to be delivered on January 14th of next year.

The big news, however, is for the new PlayStation 5 colors.

New official PS5 skins

In addition to the new DualSense controls, the launch of new covers for the PlayStation 5 was also announced. The covers are the same colors as the controls, aiming to combine the look of the console and the joystick, being the first officially launched by Sony.

In addition to the three new colors, the consoles will also receive covers inspired by the existing DualSense models. The big highlight is the Midnight Black version, which will bring a totally dark look to the PS5.

“These new cases are beautiful and easy to use — just remove the original white cases from the PS5 console and snap the new ones into place. The PS5 console covers will be available for the PS5 with the Blu-ray Ultra HD Disc Drive and the PS5 Digital Edition,” the company announced.

In this first announcement, Brazil is not on the list of countries that will officially receive the new products next year. The covers, for example, will arrive in countries in Europe, Asia, North America in the first half of 2022. In the US, the accessories are priced at US$ 54.99 (US$ 308) in pre-order.

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