PS5 analysis. First steps in a new world


We tell you our initial impressions after the first days with the heir to the rich legacy of Playstation. The fifth generation of PlayStation arrives with the satisfaction of a job well done with a PS4 that has regained the dominant position of the market that Sony had enjoyed, with the exception of the third console and its catastrophic launch that marked the end of the meteoric rise of Ken Kutaragi. 

PlayStation 4 is today the fourth best-selling console in history, only surpassed by the Game Boy and Color set, by Nintendo DS and by a PS2 that many wonder if it will ever be relieved of the first place. Such a good result was not something that was done in a day, but rather came from taking advantage of the good dynamics that changed the fortunes of PS3 and building hardware that was tailored to what SIE, rightly, thought the public demanded: machine designed by and for playing, with an architecture familiar to developers that would allow them to develop on it without additional headaches and at a starting price that is as adjusted as possible. The rest would be made by the catalog and some of the successes inherited from PS3 such as the Plus service – yes, with the “adjustment” of making it the gateway to online on the console, leaving this facet firmly paid, although games each month sweeten the deal.

Looking at the evolution of PS4 and the trajectory that SIE has followed in recent years, we are not surprised to see in PS5 an evolution of some of the lines of thought that have governed the design of the console, its operating system and ecosystem. Although we can also note some divergences, which we do not know whether to associate with a moderate daring not to be restricted or needs that have been addressed in the best way that the team of engineers led by Mark Cerny has known, within the complex labyrinth that is to design a machine taking into account strategies, logistics, costs, etc.

What is a console scan?

Although we formally call it that, in order to make the reader understand that our evaluations are with the time that we have been using the console (a little over a week in our case), the idea of ​​”analyzing” a console at the beginning of its life and without just games seem a bit strange, something that does not escape us. In the opinion of the writer of these lines, it is more appropriate to analyze a console at the end of its life, when we have a more or less complete perspective of the catalog and the balance of its successes and errors. But the interest is many times (too many even) in what is new, in what you can buy in the short or medium term future, and that is why it is understandable that what we have to do now is to evaluate what is nothing more than a newborn , with his whole life ahead of him and a potential that we can only guess with a crystal ball. But we will try to narrate our experience with the machine and thus try to shed light on the doubts and anxieties of our readers. Of course, you can keep looking forward to much more coverage as the launch approaches, this is just the beginning.

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A considerable size

The first sensations as soon as you take the machine out of the box cannot be more than physical, tactile and aesthetic. And wherever you look, PS5 is a large console that can generate a headache depending on the furniture where you have the TV. Vertically it is surely the tallest console we’ve ever seen and horizontally it therefore occupies an important place on the surface. It doesn’t feel as bulky as the original PS3, but the design with the “wings” on the case designed to facilitate ventilation and the layout of the disk drive take up space that makes it larger than it is. Aesthetically we find it beautiful, highlighting the contrast between the pristine white exterior and the black chrome interior, with that striking curved design that reminds us of a work by Calatrava (no leaks, hopefully). It is curious because since PS2 and the inclusion of its DVD, Sony has adopted a philosophy that the console should be invisible in the living room, something similar to the traditional movie player that does not hurt to see next to the television. There hasn’t been much room for quirkiness since then, beyond the PS3’s outrageous size which wasn’t an aesthetic decision. PS5 is the one that breaks that mentality the most in all aspects.


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