PS5: an online petition to ban the resale of consoles!


According to our colleagues at Le Journal du Net, many Internet users have signed a petition calling for the ban on the resale of PS5 consoles

Almost 3 months after its release, the PS5 is still untraceable. Except if you take a look at Le Bon Coin or Ebay. Where scalpers resell their snatched product from others at gold prices. This scourge obviously annoys players who do not yet have their console. Faced with this, they decided to launch an online petition against the resale of consoles.

Because yes, many players are without the famous console. Yet, if there had been the necessary stock, all gamers would have responded by purchasing Sony’s latest technological gem.

But Covid-19 obliges, the shortage is indeed real. Blame it on a part necessary for the construction of the PS5, also requested by Microsoft and Apple. The firm with the bitten apple being privileged for the part in question.

Since then, it’s been a battle for the players. At each restock, everyone rushes to the shopping sites to try to get the precious sesame. You have to know how to be quick.

The fault also with the famous scalpers. These people buying consoles en masse, through bots, only to resell them two to three more expensive than their initial price. Faced with this scourge, a community has decided to take matters into their own hands.

In fact, as Le Journal du Net points out, a petition has just been posted to ban the resale of consoles. This should prevent scalpers from “stealing” players’ PS5s.


Whether this will bear fruit remains to be seen. Indeed, a petition is not always useful. And can Sony really take the necessary steps to prevent this serious problem? We will undoubtedly have the answer in the coming weeks.

We can still be confident on this point and for the PS5 applicants. Indeed, the petition has just exceeded 10,000 signatures. As the media reported:

“Dubbed” Prevent / deter buying and reselling goods / services at excessive prices. ” it has already gathered more than 13,000 signatures on the British parliament’s website dedicated to citizens’ petitions.

As a result, “as required by law across the Channel, the government will have to respond to this petition. Because it has exceeded 10,000 signatures. If it ever reached the 100,000 mark, it should be debated in parliament. ”

In other words, the number is such that the government can no longer ignore it. Now it will have to be debated to find a solution. If our English neighbors manage to find a solution to this problem, perhaps the French players should make the same arrangements.

Although PS5 stocks are expected to turn out to be larger than in recent months, there is no guarantee that everyone is going to be successful in finding one. For this, we advise you to follow certain Twitter accounts sending notifications to each restock.