PS5: Amazon really reserves consoles for Prime members?


While a new stock of PS5 was expected by users, the Amazon platform finds itself in the midst of controversy.

This weekend from Saturday February 13 to Sunday February 14, Amazon was to add stock of PS5 consoles. A majority of those who ordered it would be Prime subscribers.

This is a crazy story that will piss off any gamer! Indeed, a good number of people are impatient to be able to play the Playstation 5 (PS5). Problem, the stocks of the console are liquidated with each restocking.

And this is not the Amazon platform that could not claim the opposite! However, the American giant had to put it back in stock during the weekend of February 13 and 14. For Valentine’s Day, there was no better gift!

So its users expected only one thing: to click on the “Buy” button. But we have to believe that they did not have the time. And for good reason, Amazon would have reserved its stock for its Prime subscribers.

In any case, this is what our colleagues at Gaming Gentside revealed on Friday, February 12. So, Amazon Prime members would have received, well in advance, notifications to buy the PS5 before everyone else.

In fact, some may have had the chance to place their console in their basket. However, no information can confirm this. Did Prime subscribers really get priority over the Playstation 5?

So, that’s what the Dealabs site wants to know. “Okay, now we have to investigate,” he joked on Twitter. “Anyone who has successfully ordered, please tell me if you were on the site / app, if Prime members were privileged …”

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“I was told it would happen Thursday or Friday, but not that they were going to change the process,” added the person who manages their com. So the controversy swells on social networks …


Thus, many people responded to the publication of the site Dealabs, on Twitter. And to say the least, most members who have purchased a PS5 are Prime members.

According to Gaming Gentside, Dealabs received over 500 responses. Then, more than 300 explain having a subscription at Amazon Prime. So, is this a hitch from the American platform?

Or have Amazon Prime’s favorite customers been much faster than the rest? The question is valid ! In any case, those who hoped to have the PlayStation 5 this weekend do not hide their anger.

So, we can read the following messages: “Some people managed to get a PS5 on Amazon Fr from the wishlist apparently! “It’s disgusting to do that, let them go fuck Amazon! ”

Or, “It wasn’t a drop, shameful of Amazon for favoring some buyers who had supposedly put their consoles ‘aside’. It is unfair and unequal. ” And you what do you think ?


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