PS5: Advantages of 3D Audio Tempest


The Housermarque game is exclusive to this platform and will benefit from the advantages of new sound technology.

A distant, unknown planet. Selene crash lands and discovers that her stay is going to be tough and dangerous. Returnal is a new intellectual property developed by Housemarque exclusively for PS5, a sci-fi game with procedural elements. In an interview with The Washington Post, director Harry Krueger has mentioned the 3D Tempest Audio technology and has said that it is the feature of the console that has caught his attention the most. In his words, the developers have designed the sound thinking about how to implement it to take advantage of three-dimensional audio.

“The sound department is now made up of a full team combining different ranges of expertise, including level and enemy design,” explains Krueger. “Each sound source is recorded taking into account how a real person would hear it, coming from each direction.” According to the director, they have done it in a similar way in the game: “Currently we shoot things many times from different directions, we apply more layers and we spend even more time adjusting the elements for the final product.”

A roguelike game

In Returnal, Selene is completely alone and isolated, fighting a long battle for survival, although that doesn’t mean she doesn’t succumb to death. Not in vain, every time she dies she returns from the dead, but only to repeat a kind of infinite loop. It is, in essence, a roguelike-type title, in which the planet changes over time, as well as the location of objects and equipment. At that point the procedural construction of the world comes into play, a very common element in genre titles, which usually have a high difficulty.

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There will be no peace for Selene, at least while she is on that planet full of monstrous creatures. When can we help her out of the spiral of death and resurrection? At the moment it is unknown, as it does not yet have a release date.


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