PS5: accessories can be delivered before the console


According to an email from Sony aimed at consumers, PlayStation 5 accessories may start shipping before the console launches in the UK and USA.

In the message, the company team states that “they are looking forward to starting selling PS5 accessories sooner” and predict that the items are due to hit stores on October 30.

The information was shared on Twitter by user Mike Y., who captured the screen with the e-mail announcing the intention to initiate advance sales of peripherals. Thus, there are good possibilities for players to have early access to items such as the DualSense controller, the charging dock, the PS Camera, the Pulse 3D Wireless headset, and others yet to be announced. See the full e-mail below.

“PlayStation will ship PS5 accessories sooner!”

Above the center of the text containing payment and pre-sale information, Sony announced that “the new release date for its pre-purchased items will be October 30th.” Below, the description of the order indicates that the acquisition was a digital edition of the PS5, without making it clear which peripherals are expected to arrive in almost two weeks.

It’s in Brazil?

[Original]: Voxel contacted PlayStation Brazil to find out if the perk of having accessories delivered in advance is also going to happen in the country. However, we have not had an official response so far and will update the news if there is news.

[Update]: Sony confirmed to Voxel that PlayStation 5 accessories will be released on the same day as the console’s debut in the country and should not be anticipated.

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The PlayStation 5 will launch in the United States and selected countries on November 12, arriving in Brazil and the rest of the world on November 19.


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