PS5: Accesses PS4 games via external HD


Sony recently released a new system update for the PlayStation 5 and, with it, came a very cool novelty for those who are migrating from PlayStation 4 to the new console.

After all, from now on you can use the USB port of the new video game to access PS4 games that you have saved on an external storage device. The update takes up just 0.87 GB of space and takes the PS5 from version 20.02- to 20.02-, a migration that happens automatically by default.

But if you are not able to download it, just go to Settings, System Software, System Software Update and Settings, Update System Software (update system software) and, finally, click on Update Using Internet.

Do you have a lot of PS4 games saved on your HD? Are you planning to use this feature in the new generation, which will hit Brazilian stores on November 19th? What did you think of the update? Comment below!

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