PS5: A user ready to trade his Mercedes for the console!


A gamer is ready to trade in his Mercedes brand car for a PS5 console! We’ll give you more details. A user would be ready to exchange his Mercedes for a PS5 console!

Sony’s new console out-of-stock is driving gamers crazy. So that some would do anything to get a PS5!

So sometimes it gives rise to some pretty incredible situations. Especially on resale sites between individuals.

Internet users have indeed shown that they are willing to splurge to be able to buy the PS5. Indeed, an advertisement on the internet shows that a seller would like to exchange a console for a car.

But be careful not just any! This is indeed a Mercedes AMG C 63 S. It should be noted that the price of this car is around 90,000 euros! Just that.


Thus, we think above all that this reseller wanted above all to be noticed on the Internet. Successful bet !

If he posted this absurd ad, it is also to denounce others who are just as much! Indeed, on the sites selling used objects between individuals, the sale prices of the PS5 are reaching new heights.

Some people have fun reselling their consoles at 3 times or even 4 times more than the purchase price. On the other hand, the dealers are not the only ones to blame!

Indeed, some gamers would do anything to get the PS5. Therefore, this dealer’s announcement is believed to be a mere troll.

But you can still take your chance to win a Mercedes AMG. In this case, all you need is a Sony console.

For the wisest, know that stockouts should not last very long. Indeed, the production of the console has resumed and it should be available for sale very soon.


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