PS5: a retro version inspired by the PS2 unveiled!


A new unofficial version of the PS5 looks a lot like the old PS2! We give you more details. A retro version of the PS5 and inspired by the PS2 has been unveiled.

For the release of its long-awaited PS5, the Sony brand has opted for a white color. Thus abandoning the black color which until then characterized all its old models!

But some do not seem to be fans of the change. Thus, the team of “nostalgic geeks” SUP3R5 has just announced the marketing of a new customized model of the famous PS5!

With a somewhat retro look, this one looks a lot like Sony’s second generation of consoles, the PS2. Eh yes !

Yet the giant Sony has promised its community that it will soon release a next black version of its famous console! But fans seem to be losing patience. Without surprise.


So, to satisfy impatient fans, the SUP3R5 console customizer team decided to take matters into their own hands. No less than 300 magnificent copies of this latest generation console will therefore be available for sale!

To the delight of nostalgic gamers. These new wonders will therefore be available for sale from January 5!

Just like the PS5 itself, you can imagine that not everyone will be able to get them! Moreover, this console inspired by the legendary model of the Japanese brand will find a buyer in a very short time! For sure.

This customization of the PS5 will still have a price. It will take 649 dollars instead of 400 for the classic model.

The controllers will sell for $ 99 each. A rarity which will therefore be expensive. But who loves does not count!

On the internet, PlayStation fans are already starting to drool over this new model. As evidenced by the many publications posted on Twitter!


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