PS5: a reseller manages to get more than 2000 consoles!


According to our colleagues from Mouv ’, a reseller would have managed to obtain more than 2000 consoles in just ten minutes

Here is a piece of information that is likely to generate a lot of talk. Indeed, a reseller, alone, would have managed to get more than 2000 PS5 consoles during a restock. He would have only needed 10 minutes to achieve his goals.

Well, if the info in question is likely to annoy, it is because it is proving very difficult to get your hands on the famous Sony console. Launched on November 19, it is almost impossible to have one as of this writing.

Some restocking is done, but only a hundred PS5 are put on sale. What remains too little for the demand which does not cease growing. It must be said that the health crisis is not helping. Well, Sony fans suspected it.

Indeed, because of the Covid-19, the parts necessary for the manufacture of the next-gen console are taking a long time to arrive. In addition, a special piece would simply be sold out all over the world.

It is also an essential part in the construction of the PS5. As a result, production is slowing down. And Sony cannot therefore meet the strong demand for its creation.


Therefore, when we know that some have been searching for the precious sesame for whole days since November, we can understand the annoyance of some. Between the bots that take everything to sell the item for thousands of euros … Or the sites that crash … Most are losing patience.

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As for the dealer who managed to have more than 2000 PS5, he would have managed to “hack” the firm Game. The latter, updating its stock, saw it go at the speed of light as Mov ’reports.

The Carnage Twitter account, a group of speculators, would therefore have got hold of the 2000 coveted objects. If some are wondering what to do with these, no need to worry about them. They will simply resell their PS5 at record prices …

Let’s hope that the firms finally find a way to counter these people who deprive gamers of their precious console …


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