PS5: a fan imagines a special 30th Anniversary edition!


A PS5 fan imagined what the 30th Anniversary Special Edition of the console could look like! We tell you more!

A PS5 fan has come up with a special 30th Anniversary console!

All video game fans dream of having the famous PS5 in their hands!

And for good reason: it is the console of the moment!

So much so that barely out, it was already Sold Out! Incredible, right?

At the same time, during the holiday season, what better for a Gaming fan than a PS5 under the tree! No need to think about it: nothing!

In fact, some fans dream so much of this state-of-the-art console that barely released, they are already thinking about its special 30th Anniversary Edition.

Yep, some of them have started to imagine and draw potential models for this special edition! And guess what: one of them agreed!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!


One of the PS5 fans gave it their all!

Indeed, he imagined a whole new concept of PlayStation 5: a PS5 30th Anniversary edition on the theme of the PS2. Crazy, no!

This console fan shared his idea on Reddit. And as much to say that it conquered everyone!

Indeed, on Reddit, many Internet users adored the design of this console, between PS5 and PS2! Coated in black, this PlayStation also sports the PS2 logo on one side!

The Reddit user behind this project has also not forgotten the DualSense controller, which therefore strongly resembles the DualShock 2 with the logo and colored buttons.

In short, this special 30th Anniversary Edition would be ideal for PS2 fans nostalgic for the old console!

We, in any case, we fully validate this superb project!


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