PS5: a British MP fights against the resale of the console!


The sweaty scalpers … Indeed, a British debutant wants to put an end to the resale of the console at all costs and especially at an excessive price.

Are we finally going to put an end to the costly resales of the PS5? At least that is what a British MP seems to want to put in place. This is to avoid the resale at excessive price of units sold by Sony. How could this be set up?

It’s been a while since the PS5 has been selling at high prices on both sides of the Internet. Indeed, as it is found sold out in traditional points of sale, some take advantage of it.

Clever little people, called scalpers, sell the console at dizzying prices. Taking advantage of the strong demand from seasoned and occasional gamers.

E-commerce sites are therefore teeming with sometimes scandalous offers. These offers are leaving players in their wake.

Especially since the shortage does not seem about to end, given the shortage of some essential components. Sony didn’t see it big enough.


Either way, a British MP seems to want to put an end to this resale of the PS5 by scalpers. And that’s all to his credit, in short, although we still wonder how this can be put into place …

The greed therefore drove the scalpers to double their efforts in terms of resale. The PS5 is fetching prices that will make the more fortunate among us green with anguish …

It all comes from the fact that said scalpers use bots to steal even the smallest unit. This, whenever the console stock fills up. Never mind !

Thus, they leave little chance for ordinary people to get the console at its initial selling price: around 500 euros. They will have to pay crazy sums to get it!

Prices are inflating as demand continues to grow, much to the delight of the scammers. Finally, these unscrupulous methods caught the attention of Scottish National Party member Douglas Chapman.

He therefore proposes a law to stem this phenomenon which leads gamers by the nose. While he knows, by his own admission, that the task will not be easy, he seems determined to fight it.

Thus, the parliamentarian wants to pass this bill in order to put pressure on his scalpers who have made the PS5 the bed of their business, to the detriment of consumers.

With real laws, the madmen could be held to account. Especially since this has a deterrent side that may push them to lower their prices, or even stop all trade. Such would be taken who believed to take!


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