PS5: a black model of the Sony console available this week


The PS5 offers a whole new design, which will delight fans of retro consoles. An unofficial iteration that will arrive on January 5!

We were waiting for it, maybe we’ll get it sooner than expected. Sony’s PS5 offers an All Black iteration, for an all-black console.

Well, here’s some good news! Thus, Sony is about to unveil a new PS5 sooner than expected.

However, this is not an easy task with the stockouts that we see everywhere on the Web. If its classic version is already out of stock, what about the new one?

Sony had already made a point of reassuring us. The giant has promised that its stocks will be replenished a bit from the start of the year.

It remains that the SUP3R5 modders have designed a black console strongly inspired by the design of the PS2. Notice to amateurs!

Our PS5, which has already given itself a caviar look with 20 kilos of gold, will therefore have a new design available for purchase on January 5th. All in all, that’s good news!


This, we owe it to the collective of modders SUP3R5 who wanted to satisfy the fans. Operating on Reddit, they worked together to come up with a result to match.

“Our retro-inspired PlayStation 5 consoles start life as a new PS5,” we learn. These next units will therefore have their look in black.

On its site, the group of modders continues. “The SUP3R5 team carefully applies the retro-inspired design to each unit by hand.”

He also describes a “tedious process that is carried out with the utmost attention to detail and quality.” All this not to harm our dear PS5!

For its part, Sony has promised to do its best to reveal other official colorways for the console. However, it will be necessary to be patient because the Japanese have other things to do!


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