PS5: 18 carat gold console will be sold at 500,000 Euros!


We finally know the price of the PS5 in gold. And the least we can say is that few people will be able to afford this Sony console!

The gold edition of the PS5 was announced by Caviar last January. However, we did not yet know the price of this version of the Sony console.

Times are tough for Sony fans who still dream of getting their hands on the PS5. Indeed, the console is still a rare commodity and the little stock available leaves at an incredible speed. And this, when the scalpers do not resell the consoles at an exorbitant price.

This stems from the global shortage of electronic chips and processors. Aside from the inflated demand for telecommuting, analysts also include former President Trump’s trade war with China and the outsourcing of production.

According to manufacturers, it will take until the second half of the year to regain a normal balance between supply and demand. So this trend gave ideas to some, who had fun giving the PS5 a style entirely… in gold!

Yes, yes, you heard very well! The PS5 does exist in gold and will soon be released by the Caviar company. Wow!

FYI, Caviar is a Russian company specializing in luxury customization of technological objects. This includes both iPhones, headphones and watches.

PS5: the Sony console in 18 carat gold will be sold at 500,000 euros!


This time, Caviar took on the famous console. In terms of specifics, the PS5 will work like any other. Simply, the console is covered with 18 carat gold leaf and textured by jewelers. Caviar found its inspiration in the form of gold ore. This is why the console is called Golden Rock (golden stone in French). Hey !

Regarding the controller, it also had the right to a luxury makeover: crocodile leather comes to dress the contours, which gives it texture. Stylish, isn’t it?

Caviar knew of course that this novelty would create demand. This is indeed the case since the site records no less than 1,500 order requests. Just that !

However, only a few elected officials will be able to afford it. Indeed, this edition will only have 9 copies. Which is very little.

But do not panic ! Because the price is likely to hold you back if the mood strikes you. Indeed, the golden PS5 will fetch a whopping price of 499,000 euros …

Remember, however, that the standard PS5 costs 499.99 euros and the digital edition to 399.99 euros. So, for the price of 1000 consoles, you can pick up this edition in 18k gold. It’s necessary to choose !

And you, what do you think of this golden PS5?


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