PS4: update 8.50 brings Share Play with PS5 and end of Communities


PS4: Sony released today (14) the first major update for the PlayStation 5, but also brought a significant update for the PS4. The update for the eighth generation console is now available in a 481 MB patch and takes the device’s system to version 8.50.

The main novelty of the update for the PS4 line consoles is the greater integration with PlayStation 5. In addition, Sony has closed the Communities tool on the devices of the past generation.

After the update, PS4 and PS5 players can use Share Play between generations. With that, users can share the screen and even the gameplay using the tool, even on consoles of different generations.

The update also marks the departure of the Communities function, which ended last month. The tool will allow you to create groups with specific interests, ensuring a great way to search for players for multiplayer games.

Other news

Despite ending the Communities, the update has other news focused on the social environment on PlayStation. Chats continue to work and you can now disable notifications for each conversation group separately.

The PS4 also received the “request to join” button in matches from friends who are playing online. The novelty is also part of the update that was released from PlayStation 5 and promises to make the process of group play on the brand’s consoles more dynamic.

In addition, the new version of the system updates the file format of extended storage devices. The update notes also point out that games hidden by the user will no longer be displayed to other players during gameplay.

Update 8.50 is now available for PS4 and can be downloaded automatically to the console via PlayStation Network. The system can also be updated using a USB device, just download the new version through the PlayStation website.


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