PS4: Sony add two buttons to its DualShock 4!


The Playstation 5 still not on the market, Sony is trying to keep gamers patient. The firm has therefore chosen to add two buttons to its flagship controller for the PS4, the DualShock.

This is news that caught all gamers off guard. While the PS5 has still not been released, Sony has looked into another parallel project. Delayed, the release date of the fifth Playstation still seems unknown. If some theories say that it could be on sale before the end of the year, it seems increasingly difficult to believe. But players have what to expect thanks to something new on PS4.

Indeed, while all the attention seemed drawn to the PS5, Sony played a nice trick. He took advantage of the silence of the PS4 to make a modification to his flagship controller. The DualShock seems to dominate the controller market since its release. A format that will be slightly modified. Two special and new buttons will be added to it.

This novelty, which arrives on the PS4, tends to professionalize more and more the gaming world. As the firm reveals, these new products are aimed at “players of all skill levels who love competition. Asked about this new contribution, Sony wanted to be clear. This will serve to “improve your gameplay by offering you increased versatility and performance without compromising on comfort. ” But that’s not all !

In addition to this first novelty, a new accessory is coming. A new back fixing of the controls arrives. This is also where the two touch buttons will arrive. A novelty that opens up new horizons. And that could have a real impact on the world of e-sport.

So, convinced by this novelty on the PS4?


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