PS4-PS5 Accidentally Released Compatibility Tool Public


Sony accidentally released the PS4-PS5 compatibility tool that it offered to developers publicly on the PS Store. Although the application was removed from the broadcast in a short time, curious developers had already started to download and shoot the video.

A Reddit user named ThatGuyNamedJoey made a strange discovery yesterday on PlayStation Store. Sony has begun to list a new game in PlayStation Store with the name PXG4: PS4 Full Game Standard Disc Game Test 4 (Prod), priced at $ 0.49. Whale Whale Whale (Whale Whale Whale), What do we have here? (What do we have here?).

Those who saw the game (!) In question initially thought it was the pre-store page of a PS4 / PS5 game that had not yet been announced. However, it turned out later that the game (!), Which you can examine in the screenshot below, was nothing more than an application called NP Commerce Sample, which allowed the PlayStation Store authorization and service rights to be tested. In other words, with the application in question, Sony provided tools and examples of the developers of PS4-PS5 compatibility.

The fact that Sony took down the game (!) Page in a short time is the biggest indication that the page was published by mistake. According to a developer’s comment shared on the subject on Reddit; Demonstrates the use of NP Commerce library, NP Commerce Dialog library and Commerce Web API.

Although Sony took the app’s page out of the air in a short time, curious developers accessed the app and posted a video on YouTube about what’s in its interface. Similar to a Software Development Kit, the application refers to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It is also said that the application in question can be a reference to show that developers can sell cross-console game upgrade packs.

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