PS4 offers: Far Cry 5 for less than 10 euros


The Ubisoft title and its season pass are on sale at the PlayStation 4 store, albeit for a limited time. In the fictional North American Hope County, Montana, things have not been going well for a while.

A sect has seized power and controls the citizens with an iron hand. But not everyone is willing to tolerate the tyranny of religious fanatics, let alone the Sheriff’s Deputy. So begins Far Cry 5, a rampant action title developed by Ubisoft Montreal. For a limited time, both the base game and the season pass are available on the PlayStation Store.

Both items are available for less than 10 euros. In the case of the season pass, the three expansions of the video game are included, a content that does not directly continue its story (that’s what Far Cry: New Dawn is, released just a year later), but three independent products that connect with characters from the Far Cry 5 universe. The expansions are set in completely different places: Lost in Mars offers us to fight against aliens, while Hours of Darkness invites the player to relive the Vietman war. As its name suggests, Dead Living Zombies attracts a mob of undead, which we will have to defeat with our weapons.

Far Cry 5 for 9.79 euros (86%, before 69.99 euros)
Far Cry 5: Season pass for 9.89 euros (67%, before 29.99 euros)

Far Cry 6, the guerrilla revolution

Ubisoft recently announced the development of Far Cry 6, this time in charge of its Toronto studios (the authors of the Watch Dogs Legion). The title stars Dani Rojas, a guerrilla who must fight for the freedom of his country, the island of Yara. In front will have the character played by Giancarlo Espósito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian), the dreaded dictator Antón Castillo. The president’s son, Diego, will debate whether to succeed his father or take a different path.

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This new title of the saga will be published on February 18 on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC and Google Stadia.


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