PS4: console battery problem may compromise games


The PS4 may have a major problem playing its games in the future. If the console has its virtual store deactivated, a problem in the battery of the internal clock can compromise the functioning of the games, since they need the trophies to be active, and they are only available if there is a synchronization with the correct time via PSN.

The problem was discovered by Twitter user Lance McDonald, who pointed out the error CE 34878-0 which is related to the end of battery life of the PS4’s internal clock. The solution is simple, just change that battery and synchronize the system with PSN so that the time is automatically adjusted.

However, strong rumors point to the deactivation of virtual stores on PS3 and PS Vita consoles very soon. If this happens, it will very likely happen with the PS4 in the distant future. And the loss of that communication with PSN could affect the trophy system that prevents a game, even on physical media, from being played if it is not active.

For the problem, so far, there are two solutions: the first would be to use alternative methods to adjust the clock, however they can compromise the functioning of the video game. And the second solution would be an update from Sony to fix the problem one day, before the PSN is deactivated for the PS4.

What is a consolation is that, if the PlayStation 4 store was deactivated, it would still take many, many years for that to happen.


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