PS4 and PS5 are the preferred consoles for…


PS4 and PS5: Pornhub streaming porn site is releasing some interesting data regarding the year 2021 and how users access its platform. Among the graphics, the site revealed that PlayStation consoles are an overwhelming preference for accessing the site’s content.

The PS4 and PS5 accounted for 60.6% of console hits to Pornhub. The number represents a growth of 17.% compared to last year. By comparison, Xbox was second with 36.8% of hits.

But the Microsoft platform also showed a growth compared to last year, of 6%. Meanwhile, consoles that are no longer supported are dropping significantly in hits.

Certainly the number of hits on Pornhub turns into humor and jokes on the internet, but it is also a considerable measure of the popularity of the consoles. The logic dictates that video games with a larger user base will access the platform more.

Still talking about its data about games, Pornhub prepared a graphic showing the characters from the world of games that are the most searched on the site. While the lead in the results isn’t going to be too surprising, there are still some debate-worthy names on the list.

As expected, most of the most sought after characters are female, but we also have some men in respectable positions, like Super Mario who comes in third.