PS4: 8.01 update is now available on the system


The PS4 won a new update to its system, 8.01. Now available for download, it has 470 MB, a much smaller size compared to the other updates. The size is justified by the few new features it brings: only performance improvements.

This update comes just over a month from 8.0, which brought many changes to PlayStation 4. Among them, the Two-Step Authentication option via the PSN mobile app, and improvements in the creation and configuration of Party – an option to unite players in the same voice chat during matches.

PS5 already has system update

The PS5, which will be launched in Brazil next Thursday (19), received its first system update this week. At 868 MB, it also brought only improvements to the new console system.

Remember that there are many reports related to bugs in the new console from Sony. There are, for example, problems related to the download queue of games and applications, and others involving the device’s sleep mode while the Spider-Man Remastered game is running.

Sony, so far, has not announced a new system update for the PlayStation 5 to correct these eventual problems.

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