PS3: Users warn about the impossibility of downloading some game patches on PS3


PS3: The PlayStation Store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita will close in the summer, but purchased games will continue to be downloaded.Just a few days after Sony announced that the PS3 and PS Vita stores will be closing their doors forever starting in the summer, some users have posted on the ResetEra and PSNProfiles forums that certain game updates can no longer be downloaded from the PS Store of PlayStation 3. The Japanese company, for its part, has not officially announced that the patches will disappear from the store.

It is not clear either that this problem is directly linked to the closing of the store, as it may be some kind of error. In addition, the presence or absence of an update depends in some cases on the region or the format of the game (physical or digital). One user explains that this problem is not new: “Three weeks ago I installed Gran Turismo 5 again and manually searched for the patch.” However, the version I already had was listed as the most recent.

Provisional list of affected games

PSNProfiles members are testing and compiling a list of games based on territory and format. It is, of course, provisional in nature and will be expanded as other titles are tested.

BLUS30983 007 Legends (United States, disc)
NPEB01303 Battlefield 4 (Europe, Disc)
BLUS30339 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (US, Disc))
BLJM60178 Colin McRae: Dirt 2 (Japan, album)
BLUS30405 Dante’s Inferno (United States, disc)
NPEA00143 Dead Nation (Europe, digital)
NPUA80001 flOw (United States, digital)
BLJM60163 Fuel (Japan, Disc)
BCES00642 Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Europe, disc)
BCES00569 Gran Turismo 5 (Europe, disc)
NPEA00288 Journey (Europe, digital)
BLES00121 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Europe, Disc)
BCES00611 LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition (Europe, disc)
NPEB00067 Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom (Europe, digital)
BLES00546 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Europe, Disc)
BLES00681 Need for Speed: Shift (UK, disc)
NPUB30664 Need for Speed: The Run (United States, digital)
BLUS30345 NHL 10 (United States, Disc)
BLUS31436 NHL 15 (United States, Disc)
BLJM60152 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Japan, disc)
NPEB01784 Payday 2 (Europe, digital)
NPUA80228 Savage Moon (United States, digital)
NPEB00119 Smash Cars (Europe, digital)
BCUS98135 SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs (United States, disc)
BCES00938 SOCOM: Special Forces (Europe, disc)
BLES00296 SoulCalibur IV (Europe, disc)
NPUB30301 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition (United States, digital)
BLUS31002 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (United States, disc)
BLES00276 Top Spin 3 (Europe, disc)
BCES01010 Twisted Metal (Europe, disc)
BCES00225 White Knight Chronicles International Edition (Europe, disc)

Sony will close the PS3 and PSP store on July 2, while on August 27 it will close the PS Vita. Those who have digital games will be able to download them normally, but it will be necessary to see if with patches or without them.


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