PS3: RPCS3 Emulator Already Starts All Console Games


The PlayStation 3 is already a slightly older console and, at this point, with several people working on emulators that are capable of running their entire library of games and applications. One of these is RPCS3, which recently announced that it is able to at least start anything that is available to the console.

According to a message posted on Twitter, the brand was reached by the team working on the emulator recently, and reveals that, as a result, more than six thousand applications are already supported by the software. However, it is worth noting that the guarantee offered by the group working on RPCS3 is to start any application, that is, some games may start and not run as expected after a while.

“We are happy to announce that RPCS3 now has zero games on the Nothing status list [the list includes Playable, Ingame, Intro, Loadable and Nothing]. This means that all games and applications will at least load in the emulator, with no regressions to prevent the game from loading. We’re looking at ways to make the Loadable list go to zero soon too,” says a message from the team posted on Twitter.

At the moment, 63% of the games are fully playable with the emulator, meaning they allow the player to go from the beginning to the end of the adventure without any problems. Just over 30% of them fall into the Ingame category, ensuring that the community can enjoy the game but possibly have some kind of bug, performance crash or it can’t be finished, while about 6% get Intro (5.75% titles do not go beyond the menu) and Loadable (0.19% have a black screen after starting).


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