PS3, PSP and Vita are leaving the PS Store web version


This past weekend, Sony has permanently disabled the web and mobile versions of the PS Store for PS3, PS Vita and PSP players. Thus, users of the respective platforms can no longer purchase games or content through digital PC and mobile stores, only through the PSN of the devices themselves.

At the end of 2020, a few weeks before the launch of the PS5, Sony had already commented on new updates planned for the PS Store, with the proposal to completely overhaul the interface and the system of the store, integrating it to the new generation. In addition, the company has reported a phasing out of support for consoles prior to PS4, but without confirming a date set for the permanent removal of its digital catalogs.

Now, without issuing official pronouncements, Sony has now redirected all pages on the PS3, Vita and PSP to the new web version of the Store, and users of online forums reported the fact over the past weekend. This Monday (29), the icons and tabs of the consoles were removed, and there is no longer any possibility of accessing them by cell phones or computers.

According to rumors reported by The Gamer, players will be able to purchase games through the digital store on consoles until July 2, 2021 on PSP and PS3, while the PS Vita store would be accessible until August 27. So far, nothing has been confirmed by Sony, but the same sources suggest that an announcement should be made soon.


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