PS3 games will not be sold on PS Store and mobile


Those who access PlayStation Store via web or mobile devices will not be able to purchase PS3, PS Vita and PSP games from the store anytime soon. According to the news in Eurogamer, Sony notified its developer partners a few days ago of this change. The company stated that this decision was taken within the scope of PlayStation Store innovations made before the release of PS5. Sony has started to inform its users of its decision.

The distribution of the new web interface of PlayStation Store will be made between 21-26 October. The change in mobile will take place on October 28th. With the transition to new interfaces, it will not be possible to purchase PS3, PS Vita and PSP games or add-ons on the computer or phone.

However, this does not mean that Sony’s legacy consoles cannot be purchased digitally. Players will be able to access the store via their console and continue to purchase games.

In the new period, those who access PlayStation Store via web or mobile will not be able to purchase applications, themes and avatars even for PS4.

The changes made for PlayStation Store are not limited to these. Sony is also discontinuing the “wish list” feature of the store. Here, players could add a “heart” to the games and follow the price changes in the games. The games that players have registered in this list will also be removed in the new period. Sony stated that the changes made to the store will not affect players’ access to past purchases.


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