PS2: Sony Had a Really Weird Look For Game Cases


PS2: It is not new that games that use CDs or derivatives as media resort to cases to keep the discs stored and protected, always using a more standard format. However, the Obscuritory website revealed that the PlayStation 2 has almost taken a completely different path.

According to the article published by the page, in the late 90’s Sony got in contact with the designer Hock Wah Yeo to develop the boxes for the games for the second console of the PlayStation family, with the intention that something different would be done for the video game. Apparently, the company changed its mind a short time later, and perhaps many are grateful for not having to keep boxes like the one below on their shelves and shelves:

Yes, what is in the image above has almost become the standard box for PlayStation 2 games. In addition to gamers, we also tried to imagine the suffering it would be for store owners to try to store and even display games that feature cases on their shelves. with that aspect.

And you, imagined that the PlayStation 2 games box could almost have this format somewhat weird? Leave your message in the space below for comments.


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