PS1: Collector Claims To Own All Memory Card Models


PS1: Anyone who lived through the 32-bit generation must remember the infamous memory cards, external accessories that players needed to buy in order to save their game progress. The PlayStation 1 was one of the greatest exponents of that time and, as such, received several versions of the memory card, all with different colors and formats!

As noted in an extensive report on the Kotaku website, a collector named Simon “Aergan” Lock believes he has finally completed his collection of Memory Cards SCPH-1020, the official line made by Sony! While it obviously doesn’t include the countless versions produced by third-party companies or pirates, his collection is enviable:

Simon himself acknowledges that it is possible that there are some variables released only in certain countries abroad, and some of his followers have registered at least two exclusive models from Japan that he does not yet own, so consider that this is a complete collection only of accessories released in the UK.

Furthermore, unfortunately both Sony and the community have not yet managed to perfectly preserve the history of video games, so there is no document that allows us to say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the final collection. Another aggravating factor is that, when comparing photos, many of the accessories ended up changing color over the natural course of time.

When the accessories were originally released in 1995, they cost just $25 (about $44 at the current value of the coin, according to Kotaku, which would be about R$240 in our coin), but the entire collection is something of practically immeasurable value!

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