PS VR2: Features, specifications, PS5 VR design and everything we know


PlayStation VR 2 is coming, but what will virtual reality be like on the PS5 and how will it be better than the first version? Here’s everything we know about PS VR2.

Despite initially saying they had “no plans” to update VR on the PS5, Sony announced the PlayStation VR2 (or PS VR2) in just a few short months. Now we have a complete look at the equipment in all its glory. specifications, as well as some of his brilliant games!

Now that we know the PlayStation VR2 isn’t just virtual reality, here’s everything we know about Sony’s plans to bring updated virtual reality capabilities to the PS5 in one place.

Is the PS VR2 release date already known?

Sony has not yet announced the exact release date of the PS VR2. However, we know that “early 2023” is the target release window. PlayStation social accounts in the UK confirmed this on August 22, showing a new image of a virtual reality device along with a target in early 2023.

Although the beginning of 2023 is clearly unclear, it is safe to expect that the PS VR2 will appear sometime in the first quarter, which makes March the last month of its possible appearance.

The company will want to make sure that the PS5 release will be a distant memory by the time the PS VR2 arrives, otherwise they won’t sell as many units as they could. This inventory shortage is likely to persist into 2022, but hopefully will be over by this holiday season.

Since then, these reports have been backed up by industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated that production will increase at the end of 2022, with a view to launching in the first quarter of 2023.

Does the PlayStation VR2 already have a price?

At this stage, it is impossible to know what the price of the PS VR2 will be. Sony has released the original PS VR at $399, so we suspect it will be the same for the PlayStation VR2, perhaps a little more to take into account advanced technology.

What does PS VR2 look like?

On February 22, 2022, the PlayStation blog finally allowed potential consumers to see the new technology.

The updated headset is similar in many ways to the original model, but now the front part has a “round ball shape, representing the 360-degree view that players feel when they enter the world of virtual reality.” According to Sony, the new headset is also “inspired by the look of the PS5 family of products,” so gamers should expect some familiar comfort in certain aspects.

Like the headset, the controllers themselves have probably undergone the greatest changes. The old-school aesthetic of the PS3-era Move controller has been replaced with a new sleek look. It would be fair to say they look more like Oculus controllers, but considering how good the Oculus setup is, it’s not a bad choice.


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