PS Vita: proprietary memory card may have sunk portable

PS Vita: During an AMA (ask me anything) held this past Thursday (8) on Reddit, an unidentified former Sony employee gave more details about the end of support for handheld consoles, and said that the initiative to combat hackers may have been one of the reasons that stalled the sale of PS Vita and caused its early shutdown.

The 2011 hack on PSN emerged to completely alter Sony’s designs, bringing severe impacts on its culture and strategies. To combat the invasions, the company chose to manufacture a new proprietary memory card that unfortunately was not well received by the public, since a 32 GB device came to be sold for $ 120 at launch. Thus, even with a good catalog of games and with impressive technologies at the time, PS Vita began to show signs of unsustainability.

“Sony sees Vita as a failure. The laptop has lost nearly all of the sales goals they had and, for a for-profit business, it is the worst that can happen. They were content with this as a small stream of passive income, but when the firmware was broken, they were nailing the coffin, “said the former official.” There were some strong internal defenders, especially on the Japanese side, but it only served as a ‘warned’ in the cultural wars that Sony has been fighting not so quietly for the past decade ”.

Interestingly, the 2011 attack occurred just a few months before the launch of the PS Vita, so everything indicates that the decision to produce a proprietary SD for the notebook had already been taken even before the first reports of unlocking.

“Payment systems require a lot of technical maintenance and obsolete systems provide easy attack vectors for sensitive information,” he added. “And there’s a lot of work involved to make sure everyone gets their money when sales are processed. I cannot say with certainty that the ‘cost’ and ‘profit’ lines have already crossed completely, but I can say that, together with the other reasons I have described, Sony was quite ready to end the PS Vita.

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