PS Vita is Remembered on Twitter After The Announcement of The New Switch


PS Vita: The PlayStation Vita was a very peculiar notebook in its day, especially since it had a five-inch OLED screen, something totally unusual for most devices at the beginning of the last decade, even more so for a console. Unfortunately, some other strange choices on the part of Sony, the lack of games and the success of the Nintendo 3DS system made the PS Vita totally sidelined and even considered a sales failure.

But with the announcement of the new model of the Nintendo Switch, which has a seven-inch OLED screen, many fans of the Sony handheld took the day off to remember it on Twitter. Some mentioned how PS Vita was ahead of its time and how it wasn’t properly appreciated, for example.

Others, as we can see in the tweet below, just took advantage of the situation to joke and say that they had already received an advance copy of Nintendo’s new hybrid console version, only to reveal a PS Vita being placed in the default Switch’s dock.

It’s worth noting that Sony hasn’t shown interest in reviving the PS Vita or bringing a successor to its lineup of notebooks in the current gaming market, but that doesn’t mean the company will never refocus on this market. Of course, Switch’s devastating success could be considered a problem for anyone looking to invest in this niche, but there’s no denying that a little competition wouldn’t hurt Nintendo.

And you, had or wanted to have a PS Vita in your console collection? Let us know in the comments about your impressions of Sony’s latest laptop.


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