PS Vita games are canceled upon announcement


Even though it has never become a huge sales success, PS Vita has still managed to build a loyal following over the years since its launch. Except that, by the way, Sony is not seeing much advantage in keeping the PS Store active and decided to close it definitively on August 27 of this year.

This was a very unpleasant surprise, both for fans and for developers who had projects underway for this handheld console. Without much to do, some companies decided to speed up the development of their games so that they can be launched as soon as possible.

As Sony will no longer certify for software released for its notebook from July 12, this leaves developers with even less time. Of course, this is not a viable reality for most devs, especially if projects are still far from being completed.

In these cases, the games are just being canceled, as is the case with Thief’s Roulette, Lazr and the new project by the studio Lillymo Games. The worst part is that Sony has not had good communication with the studios interested in the platform, as the company has allowed certain studios (such as Lillymo Games itself) to purchase a PS Vita development kit recently.

The same can be said for consumers who own the portable console, who will soon be unable to purchase new titles there. The way is to take the opportunity to make purchases of that game that was postponed several times, after all, it will no longer be possible to access the PS Store of Vita after the end of August.

Do you think Sony is closing the laptop store too soon? Comment below if consumers who purchased the platform deserved more time with the PS Store or if it has already given everything it had to give.


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