PS Store: Sony Patents Reveal Developments On Product Pages


PS Store:  Sony recently sent patent applications relating to the PS Store to the responsible agency in the US and the attached images suggest that the store will receive major improvements. It’s just drawings, very rudimentary, but you can see that Sony is designing dynamic product pages that receive periodic updates about the games throughout their lifecycle.

With this, the idea is to highlight the new seasons and events, in addition to the different items that players can buy at each update, such as skins and credits. After all, as Sony and gamers themselves can see, the lifecycle of games is quite different: more than buying a game and, in a year or two, buying a new version, games remain the same for years, but with periodic updates.

This new model seems to seek, precisely, a greater emphasis for these updates — which, you see, are what makes the most money for Sony, currently.

But how will these new pages work?

We still don’t have details on what the new PS Store product pages will look like — or whether those ideas will actually see the light of day.

The speculations that are going on in the press are based on a document delivered by Sony to the US patent and copyright office. The order, submitted in May 2021, describes “techniques for providing information and functions based on a video game lifecycle and context of use”. The example given in the document is of a hypothetical racing game whose product page highlights the latest championship.

You can see the entire document, with 41 pages, on the USPTO website. Among so many drawings, you can see that the pages change for people who have or have not yet bought the game, highlighting different and contextualized information. To bring a more real example, the Fortnite page, for example, could highlight the latest Battle Pass, or the Fall Guys page could highlight each new season — and so on.

Sony’s patent application was released on Sunday (22), by a Reddit user. In the comments, a lot of people commented that a friendlier UI would be the best “evolution” the PS Store could receive. Also, some people were surprised that something like a video game store can be patented — after all, the proposed changes to the order aren’t reinventing the wheel, are they?

But you, what do you think of this proposal? What changes would you like to see on the PS Store? Say it in the comments.