PS Store: Get to Relive The Web Version of The PS3, PSP and PS Vita Friends


PS Store: Sony eliminated the possibility of buying video games on more than three platforms from the web portal; right now how to access it with a plugin.A group of PlayStation console players has been able to recover access to the old PS Store, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 web portal. legally available titles on the mentioned platforms.

As well as displaying a video, the digital store is functional and has all the software currently available on the PS Store incorporated into the very own PS Vita, PS3 and PSP. Through it is also possible to access previous versions of the PS Store, whose interface is slightly different and preferred by some users. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes the new PS Store in the past month with the PlayStation 5 style reason, but restricts the purchase of PS4 and PS5 content.

This revived digital web store requires starting a session with a PSN account to make purchases, just like an antaño, since it is a legal and functional PS Store; simply download them contained in a browser. An alternative for not having to buy games directly from the three affected platforms.

Sony rectifies: no PS Store of PS Vita ni PS3

I will inform you about the PSP, PS3 and PS Vita store for this summer – just if you could download previously purchased titles -, the community asked for a rectification by the Japanese firm; more than 130 iban games disappearing from their purchase for themselves. Finally, only PSP will cease its internal mailing services for this 2nd of July. Sony fencing has taken a “wrong decision”.

“When we made the initial decision to cease purchasing support on PS3 and PS Vita, there were a number of factors, including the challenges of older devices and so that we could focus on other resources on new devices, where most of the new devices players find themselves playing, ”said Jim Ryan, president and director of Sony Interactive Entertainment.


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