PS Plus Undergoes An Increase Of Up To R $ 50, Announces PlayStation Brazil


PS Plus: This Friday (07), PlayStation Brazil started sending emails to PlayStation Network (PSN) users informing them about PS Plus price increases. The service will have readjustments of up to R $ 50 and up to 34%, depending on the number of months of the subscription.

According to the company, the new values ​​begin to take effect from July 7, at 14h59 (Brasília time). In other words, until this date, the current, lower values ​​will be valid. If you were thinking about subscribing to the service, this might be a good time.

See the table with the readjustments below:

1 Month: from R $ 25.90 to R $ 34.90, an increase of 34%.
3 Months: from R $ 64.90 to R $ 84.90 (about R $ 28 per month), an increase of 30%.
12 Months: from R $ 149.90 to R $ 199.90 (about R $ 16 per month), an increase of 33%.

In the statement sent by email, PlayStation explained that “the new prices reflect the current market situation and allow us to offer a quality service to our subscribers”.

Although not mentioned, one of the market conditions is the dollar exchange rate, which for some time has been above R $ 5. One of the indications of this is that the prices were modified only in Brazil, since the subscription continues to be worth US $ 60 (approximately R $ 314 in direct conversion).


The company also noted that players will continue to have access to benefits and features such as online multiplayer, free games, exclusive service and game discounts and game data storage.

By means of a note, the PlayStation Brasil staff confirmed the changes in the values ​​and reiterated that these prices allow an “exceptional world-class service developed for our fans” to be offered. In positioning, the company also argued that the new values ​​are “attractive” for the Brazilian market.

The last price increase on PS Plus had been made in May 2019. At the time, the 12-month plan cost R $ 129.99 and was readjusted to the current R $ 149.99, for example. The curious thing was that in the period some countries had a reduction, and Brazil ended up going in the opposite direction.

So, what did you think of the new values ​​of PS Plus? Did you think they were expensive? Tell us in the comments section below!


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