PS Plus May Release More Expensive Version With Crunchyroll, Rumor Says


PS Plus: Now that Sony has finally completed its acquisition of Crunchyroll and has become the owner of the top anime streaming platforms in the world – along with Funimation – rumors begin as to how the company will harness its new powers. One such speculation points to the possibility of a more premium version of PS Plus that could include access to Crunchyroll content.

PS Plus currently offers its subscribers occasional discounts on some games, extra discount during promotions, and access to some titles on a monthly basis, on PS4 and PS5, without having to pay an extra. The service is also mandatory to play online multiplayer for many triple A games.

With the evolution of competitors and especially the Xbox Game Pass putting a lot of pressure, gamers have been waiting for some kind of evolution on PS Plus to become more attractive. Adding Crunchyroll content could help, but charging more for it makes it hard to know how privileged your subscribers would feel.

The information is still just a rumor and should be treated as such. The understanding comes from Eurogamer, which speculated the possibility by interpreting Sony’s disclosures regarding the acquisition of Crunchyroll.

Ironically, just this month, Crunchyroll started an action with Xbox, offering three months of Xbox Game Pass free to anyone who already has or subscribes to the premium anime streaming plan.