PS Now Reveals The Games Added In March 2022


PS Now: We tell you all the games added in March 2022 to the PS Now service catalog, available on PS5, PS4 and PC. Shadow Warrior 3 stands out. PS Now reveals its additions as part of the monthly wave expected in this month of March. The PlayStation subscription service highlights the launch of Shadow Warrior 3, available from day one as part of its catalog. We tell you the complete list below.

All games added to PS Now in March 2022

Shadow Warrior 3
Chicken Police – Paint It Red!

All four will be available from March 1 from PS5, PS4 and PC. In the case of Shadow Warrior 3, it will remain in the catalog until July 4. The rest of the titles have not indicated the date on which they will stop participating.

PS4, PS5 and PC gamers can subscribe to PlayStation Now for €9.99 a month, €24.99 for three months or €59.99 for a full year. Currently, the service has more than 700 games from PS2, PS3 and PS4. It has not transpired if Sony will add PS5 titles in the future.

Shadow Warrior 3: we have already played it

At FreeGameTips we have already analyzed the return of the most popular ninja from the Devolver Digital label. During our analysis, in which it has achieved a rating of 7.2 out of 10, we said that it left us with a “bittersweet taste”. “His magnificent, frenetic and very satisfying combat system keeps us glued to the screen and makes us very happy at all times. His staging, without being a state-of-the-art technical extravagance, is very attractive and offers a spectacle worthy of contemplation”.

But not everything is positive. “Sadly, the game takes less than 6 hours to complete, and the feeling is that it is too sparse in content, and that the level design is uninspired, too simple and repetitive. The feeling is that the magnificent combat system is greatly underutilized, and the same is true of the interesting parkour platforming sections, but they could have given a lot more.” You can read the full text here.