PS legend Crash Bandicoot 4 is pre order!


It’s Abut All Time, the 4th game of the 24-year-old PlayStation legend Crash Bandicoot series, is now available for pre-order. Here are the details and price of the Crash Bandicoot It’s Abut All Time game:

Crash Bandicoot 4 details and price

The story of the game series continues where it left off. Neo Cortex and N. Tropy are back and aiming to attack all of the multiverse. Crash and Coco will try to save the day by putting together four quantum masks and twisting the laws of reality. The reason the name of the game is It’s Abut All Time (It’s all about time) is that time is torn in the game story.

The new Crash Bandicoot, which can be played online unlike the previous games of the series, also comes with new characters and alternative worlds.

Crash Bandicoot 3 was broadcast on PlayStation, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita platforms. The fourth game of the series will be broadcast on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One platforms. The Crash Bandicoot series had become one of the best selling game series in PlayStation history with 40 million copies. The first game of the series was successful with the appreciation of 95 percent of its players.

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